Automotive Window Tinting

Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting

We know you love your car. We also know you love your family, as you do everything you can to protect them – at home and on the road. 3M™ automotive window tinting offers an extra measure of protection for everyone inside your car. And we can help keep your car looking new longer on the outside as well.

Great Looks

  • An exclusive range of films in a variety of shades from light to dark including ceramic tint that maximizes heat and ultraviolet rejection, keeping you and your vehicle cool and helping to protect from the damaging effects of the sun
  • Soft charcoal color that matches factory privacy glass
  • Privacy for passengers and valuables

High Performance & Protection

  • Block more than 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Help protect against skin damage
  • Protect your auto’s interior from fading and cracking
  • Help reduce glare and eye-strain
  • Rejects up to 97% Infrared Rejection

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