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During a normal day and use a car gathers bacteria and viruses from many places.  Within its small, confined space, heat is trapped in the cabin as the car is used daily and parked during the night. Moisture condenses actively, providing a breeding ground so rich in nutrition that bacteria and fungi thrive. No wonder a typical car can be 300,000 times dirtier than a typical toilet seat.       

Restore the freshness and pureness of the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch inside your vehicle, while ridding it of unwanted germs, bacteria, odors, mold and mildew

For Odor Removal
– is very effective at eliminating cigarette and all other tobacco odors.It has the ability to penetrate, seek out and react with the components of tobacco smoke (tar and nicotine) dissolving and converting them into gaseous molecules without causing any damage to fabrics, materials or hard surfaces.
 4 oz single application to be used with the Sonic Fog UltraSonic …
For Germ and Bacteria Removal
– Odor Neutralizer makes eliminating odors from automobiles a simple task. Eliminate odors caused by cigarette and cigar smoke, spilled beverages, mold and mildew, pets, kids, food, fish, and just about anything else you can imagine…

 4 oz single application to be used with the Sonic Fog UltraSonic …


UV-PCO Coating
– is a nano formulated photocatalytic surface treatment that turns vehicle interiors into light activated air scrubbers that cleanse a vehicle of objectionable organic odors and indoor air pollutants. .. Works proactively to remove any organic malodors from the air, including: tobacco smoke, fire damage, and human & agricultural waste .

 4 oz single application to be used with the Sonic Fog UltraSonic …

Touch Point
is a 3-in-1 surface care and protectant formulated to CLEAN everyday organic soil with the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide … foodstuff, soap scum, grease & oil … on steering wheels, dash boards, door handles, hard plastics, leather, radio knobs & more.  SHIELDS all surfaces against the adhesion & buildup of inorganic soil…stains, rust, lime scale & hard water minerals…for easier removal. PROVIDES an invisible antimicrobial resistant barrier coating on which odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew will not grow in-between cleaning.