Headlight Restoration Special

charleston headlight restoration

Our Headlight Restoration service is now only $60.00!

The clarity of New Plastic Headlights can deteriorate within a couple years after being manufactured causing the a dimming of the light output. This can be unsafe as it diminishes how far forward your headlights project their light. Many of these headlights can cost $500-$1500 a piece to replace, and that’s just for the lens and doesn’t include labor. Headlights start to become foggy is because the clear coat coating applied at the factory begins to degrade due to UV breakdown and sand and grit abrasion . Our restoration service renews headlights to their original clarity making it safer for you to drive at night.

Add our Xpel headlight film or colored Lamin-x films to the restoration process to prevent future damage for up to 7 years!

Standard restoration and film price is $115-$125.  Prices are less for new cars or headlights that do not need restoration. $89