Water Damage Removal And Odor Control In Cars

Flood damage can do a great deal of harm to your car–not only to the engine, but also to the car’s interior, particularly the carpets. Stained, smelly car carpets can not only be unpleasant to live with, but may also signal the presence of mold that can have serious health consequences.

Tips & Warnings
If the flood damage was severe, you may need to replace the carpet and padding, as a serious case of mold is hard to eradicate (and a serious health hazard).

Customer’s Experience:
“Or son’s car seats were used as a litter box at a garage when they left the windows down while it was there being repaired. We thought we had resolved the problem after cleaning the upholstery, but once we rolled up the windows and the car sat in the hot sun down here in Charleston, NOTHING had changed. We finally found Pleasant Details who used a liquid enzyme product that they actually sprayed and even soaked into the foam of the seats. (they took the seats out to do this) Anyhow – It worked! Every trace of the cat urine smell was removed. I would think it would do the same for a mildew or mold smell.Pleasant Details in Mt Pleasant sells the liquid for the diy type. Hopefully they can help you as much as they helped us with our odor problem. Good luck!”

Odor problems can become a serious issue from small accidents such as spilled milk, excess water, animal urine, and food between seats.

Be aware of afternoon showers and don’t forget to close the sunroof before you go to bed!

Please feel free to call if you ever have questions about water damage or odors in your car.

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