Did your car get caught in the downtown flood? And now your car is flooded and has water damage?

Heavy Rain and high tide in downtown are two things that are a recipe for disaster. Every year Pleasant Details gets calls about cars that have water damage from flooding in downtown Charleston SC. Many people have no idea how much water is in their vehicle. If you have standing water in the floorboards than you could have 5-15 gallons of water in your car. The padding under your carpet can hold a lot of water and takes a long time to dry on its own, thus becoming a breeding ground for mold and mildew. After a few days your car will begin to smell and will only get worse unless treated.

Pleasant Details has experience with water removal from cars and does it for a fair price. Our price range from $150-$300 on average unless the entire carpet has to be replaced. In most cases we remove your seats and carpet and separate the padding. We then Steam the carpet, clean all interior surfaces with a anti-mold agent and insert new padding. Before the process is complete, we run a dehumidifier and ozone machine to dry and remove any odor. The cleaning takes between 1-3 days on average, and your car is back to new!
We are easy to work with and are happy to take a look at any damage for free and explore your options. we accept insurance claims, and try to help those who are on a budget, but really need our service. We understand these things happen, but its not the end of the world. Give us a call and let us take the worry out of getting things back to normal.